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October 2014
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1.) The Dismemberment Plan 2.) Sparta 3.) Pretty Girls Make Graves 4.) Foxy Shazam 5.) F'd Up 6.) A Wilhelm Scream 7.) Kamikaze 8.) Apocalypse Hoboken 9.) Propagandhi 10.) Polar Bear Club 11.) Man Without Plan 12.) Kid Dynamite 13.) The Distillers 14.) Strike Anywhere 15.) The Hives 16.) Team Dresch 17.) James Love Jackson 18.) Violent Society 19.) The Dwarves 20.) NOFX (If you enjoyed any of these bands, find them online and buy their music with actual money.) Love, Travis

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Travis and Conor (the guitar player) from Pandas (York, PA) discuss their upcoming record, Conor's musical origins and Insane Clown Posse. You can hear more from Pandas at pandas.bandcamp.com FEATURED MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE: NOFX, IFARM, WEIRD AL YANKOVIC, TERA MELOS and PANDAS. Get more interactive with the podcast at www.discussanddisregard.com Enjoy!

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Travis and Greg Bennick, singer for the hardcore band Trial and Between Earth and Sky, spoken word artist and activist for One Hundred for Haiti discuss concept bands, Greg's origins into punk rock and a new project for his charity. You can find out a lot more about Greg's life at wordsasweapons.com FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE: Trial, Jud Jud, Husker Du and Run With the Hunted and Youth of Today. Get more interactive with the show at www.discussanddisregard.com Enjoy!

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Join the DND Crew as they depart York, PA and head to Philadelphia to see F'd Up live at Morgan's Pier. You are listening to the mixtape that Daniel made for the road trip. All song came from the actual records in his mighty vinyl collection for us and you to enjoy. To see the list of bands on this mixer just go to www.discussanddisregard.com and click on the "mixtapes" tab and check out the bands. See you at the show!

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Travis and Tony Martson, guitar player for Boxing Water (MA 1998-2004) and Landmines (VA 2005-2011, 2014-Current). They discuss old tour memories, that one time when John Elway tried suing the punk band Elway and some new things on the horizon during their phone call. Connect with Tony via www.facebook.com/landmines MUSIC FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE: Boxing Water, The Orphans, Death By Nostalgia, Elway, Jeff Rowe and Landmines. Get more interactive with the show at www.discussanddisregard.com Enjoy.

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Travis and Mono from The Clancy Six (PA/MD 1998-2005) discuss their origins of punk rock, Mono's band history and some music they usually don't listen to when friends are around during their phone call. Connect with Mono thru Twitter @yorkstadgrille MUSIC FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE: NOFX, The Dwarves, Flag, The Boils, Atom and His Package, The Ultimate Warriors and The Clancy Six. Get more interactive with the show at www.discussanddisregard.com Enjoy.

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Travis and Darick discuss the new Night Birds ep "Monster Surf" during their phone call. This ep is available thru wallriderecords.com on June 12th. This episode includes a song from the upcoming ep along with a song from Darick's band Whiff. Enjoy and check out discussanddisregard.com if you run out of things to look at on the internet.

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Daniel and Travis discuss F'd Up, The Decline and Daniel's upcoming Road Trip Mixtape during their phone call. Check out fuckedup.cc to find out more about the band's summer tour and their new album "Glass Boys." Enjoy.

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Travis and Craig Foo Yong (singer of the The Degenerics, Kamikaze and Plastic Cross) discuss New Jersey, the art of punk rock flyer making and a poorly spelled tattoo during their phone call. Featuring the music of The Degenerics, Kamikaze, Avail and The Showcase Showdown. Enjoy.

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Check back this Sunday at 9pm to hear a very special one hour episode with Craig Foo Yong, leader singer of New Jersey's best band ever (sorry Bruce) the Degenerics. He also fronted the bands Kamikaze and Plastic Cross. You are now listening to a mixtape of all three of his bands. Enjoy. Find out more about these bands at soulrebelrecords.bigcartel.com

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